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Ferris Bühler

Storyteller & Communication expert

Speaker, Coach, Presenter

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Ferris is inspiring as a keynote speaker

"I've been working in the communication jungle for 30 years and love sharing my experience and knowledge on stage."- Ferris Bühler.

As a storytelling expert, Ferris Bühler has hundreds of stories just waiting to be told to an audience. His stories are not only entertaining, but also educational. As the founder of his own 360° storytelling agency Ferris Bühler Communications, Ferris can look back on many years of experience. The "Women Parking Challenge" for the car rental company Hertz generated a lot of conversation - and great media coverage. In the middle of the pandemic, Ferris sent the world's most famous agent to the four-star LA VAL Hotel & Spa and became the No. 1 topic of conversation overnight. And for the leading Swiss vacation airline Edelweisswhich wanted to publicize its new destination Rio de Janeiro, he had a replica of its landmark, the "Cristo Redentor" statue, erected on Zurich's Üetliberg.

Ferris is an innovation expert who is always looking at things from a different angle, breaking new ground and always has an ace up his sleeve when it comes to getting a story into the news. These qualities not only write good stories for PR and media enthusiasts, but make Ferris an all-rounder when it comes to engaging and inspiring any audience.

Ferris is known for his entertaining and exciting keynotes on the topics of communication, storytelling, public relations, marketing and media.

"Ich liebe es, Menschen zu motivieren, ihrer Lebensgeschichte zu applaudieren."

Ferris supports his clients as a coach

"Good storytelling focuses on the strengths of the story and the storyteller. As a coach, I challenge and provoke to get the story out of people." - Ferris Bühler.

As a communications expert, Ferris coaches individuals or small groups and shows them what storytelling talent lies within them. The focus is always on the personal needs of his clients. Each consultation is therefore individually tailored: How does self-marketing and personal branding work? Why do you actually need personal storytelling? How do I find my own story? And how do I tell it so that it is heard by the right people?
In detailed coaching sessions, Ferris will show you how best to position yourself, help you with your appearance skills, your interview skills and how to present yourself in front of a camera - Ferris Bühler not only knows how to do it, but also how to make it fun.

Ferris entertains as a presenter

"Being on stage and feeling the energy of the audience allows me to share my passion for communication and entertainment with others." - Ferris Bühler.

In addition to his work as a keynote speaker, Ferris also enjoys being on stage or in front of the camera as a presenter for external companies, events and projects. As a born entertainer, Ferris loves being in the spotlight and animating his audience. He regularly demonstrates his talent for conducting interviews, panel discussions and large events on the StoryRadar podcast produced by his agency Ferris Bühler Communications. He has already had the opportunity to talk to national and international guests such as Ralf Moeller and Yannik Zamboni.

His relaxed manner and his interest in other people make him stand out as a presenter. This enables Ferris to respond individually to his counterparts and create an atmosphere in which speakers and guests can shine.

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About Ferris

Ferris Bühler - yes, his name really is exactly the same as the protagonist from the 80s movie classic - is an experienced communications expert and founder of the 360° storytelling agency Ferris Bühler Communications. Known for his creative and offbeat ideas and strategic thinking, he has had an impressive career that began with delivering newspapers and brought him to editorial positions at newspapers, television and chief editorships. This was followed by his own audio books, his own magazine, his first seminars as a teacher and his first book: "Do what you really want in life". After years of multitasking at all levels, Ferris knows what he really likes to do - and what he's good at: Telling stories. So he founded his own agency. From the very beginning, Ferris Bühler Communications has been dedicated to storytelling in lifestyle, tourism and tech industries. His clients include national companies such as Edelweiss, Corvatsch and Lidl Switzerland as well as international brands such as Heineken, Swarovski Optik and Dyson.

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